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Too Much Of A Good Thing

At what point do you say to a situation: There is such a thing as too much of a good thing…

Right at the point where you open Apple’s App Store for the first time, and realise how much garbage is out there.

I remember when Apple first announed the App Store… The web spewed forth praise, speaking of a new dawn of Software Development where ‘the little guy’ could program his heart out, creating the software that only exists in his heart, and never in a real-world environment. Of course, this is ignoring indie development and the open-source movement…

*Rolls Eyes*

In any case, mere mortals were able to (for the cost of an entry-level Mac + $99 registration fee) sign up to Apples iPhone Developer Program, and instantly reach an audience of millions. Some lucky devs went from your average 9-5 to financially secure for the rest of their lives, and good luck to them! If you are lucky enough to be noticed to that level thats great…

However, if you dare take a peek at the flip side of the coin, it just goes downhill from there.

As I said at the start of this entry, the sheer amount of garbage out there is truly incredible to behold. You have the ‘lite’ (read: free) versions of applications, with in-game advertising and limited functionality. There’s nothing wrong with this (and there are a few good ones out there), and I would probably do the same in their position… But seriously: FaceGoo (lite)? A Lil’ Wayne Lighter? (And whats astonishing, the lighter is quite popular!!)

Surely there is a point where someone must realise: There is such a thing, as too much of a good thing.

Personally, I dont want 5 billion free/$1.19 (omg special price this weekend! (this also happens quite a bit)) apps clogging up the store, blocking out the glorious rays of sunshine of decent apps… This being developers who actually put their heart and soul into their coding masterpieces. Not people who are just in it for a quick buck (and lets be honest, a quick buck can definitely be made), but who genuinely have something to offer the community, and you, the consumer.

So next time you see ‘Super-Duper-Awesome-Omg-Special-App (lite)’ on the App Store, vote it down, send a complaint, do whatever you can to bring forth the apps that deserve your hard earned cash…

Otherwise one day we’ll find ourselves drowning in a sea of sub-standard ‘lifestyle’ apps called ‘Sexy Japanese Girls vol 8‘!.

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